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Welcome to Elaine Eisner's Page

Elaine Eisner

Elaine Eisner

We are so excited to once again raise funds for Friendship Circle of Cleveland, an organization that is so special to our family and especially Alana. Please help us help Friendship Circle raise the bar for our community even more! The campaign’s overall goal is to raise $500,000. Our goal is to raise over $10,000 to contribute towards the campaign!

Please join us and walk with Alana, who will try to walk a portion on her own. She is still on the treadmill everyday practicing for the big event! Scott and I need to follow suit!

We love Friendship Circle it is our special space, where Alana connects and celebrates joyful and meaningful friendships.

Your support is very much appreciated-

Gohn's Gang
Alana, Elaine & Scott


raised of $10,000 goal
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