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My Walk 4 Friends 2022

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$396,000 goal


Thank you for joining the Amazing Raise!
With your help we reached our $360,000 Goal!
We added a Bonus goal of $36,000 topping off our $360,000 to a total of $396,000.
Together, Lets Raise The Amazing Raise!

Welcome to a world of AMAZING possibilities.
Friendship Circle of Cleveland is a beacon of light for our community.
As we race towards My Walk 4 Friends, which will take place on September 4, 2022, we invite you to partner with us to spread awareness for Friendship Circle and ensure that we can continue providing our signature AMAZING experiences for our children.

It is time to RAISE friendship, RAISE connection, and RAISE support for our youth, their families, and teens.

Today, you can help Friendship Circle of Cleveland RAISE the bar.
Join Today. Make A Difference. Be Amazing.


Teams and Walkers

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