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My Walk 4 Friends 2021

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 MyWalk4Friends  Sparking Connection
raised of

$500,000 goal

Now more than ever… Every Child Deserves a Friend.

All proceeds from My Walk 4 Friends will help Friendship Circle continue to spark friendship, connection, and support for all exceptional children, their families, and Jewish teens.

Your support of My Walk 4 Friends will significantly impact Friendship Circle Today and Tomorrow. Adapted and new and improved programs can realize their full potential and their projected reach into the community, bringing more friendship, connection, and support to the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors.

When YOU contribute to My Walk 4 Friends, you will ensure exceptional children experience FRIENDSHIP and SUPPORT and Jewish teens experience SELFLESS GIVING.

Teams and Walkers

Select A Team:

Top Walkers

Sol Rivera
$2,526 raised
Tauber Kornblut
$100 raised

Top Teams

Sol Rivera
$2,526 raised
Marozov Walkers
$410 raised
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