Help us complete the Circle: Annual goal $900,000

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The above graph is a snapshot of Friendship Circle's annual fundraising drive.

$580,000 was raised from January-June.

The remaining $320,000 must be raised through My Walk 4 Friends, to meet the annual operating budget $900,000

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It's All About Friends

Imagine if energetic teens from area high schools were organized and trained to befriend children with autism, physical disabilities and other special needs.
Imagine if year-round programming were developed for children with special needs to help them learn social skills, gain confidence and have more fun.
Imagine if the parents of children with special needs had opportunities that provide respite, support and the ability to network with each other.
Well guess what...
All of this has been happening in our community since 2003 through Friendship Circle, as the original five children and 10 teen volunteers have grown to 190 children and 260 teen volunteers.