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Welcome to Yossi & Estie Marozov's Page

Yossi & Estie Marozov

Yossi & Estie Marozov

What are YOU doing during Covid-19?

Here's what Friendship Circle of Cleveland is doing:
>Every day, over 50 children are socializing and connecting on Summer Camp Virtual Island.
>Teens are braving out to visit children on porch visits in a socially responsible way.
>Children and Teens are connecting on Friendship Circle's outdoor playground for face-to-face social interaction.
>Each child's birthday is celebrated with a personal visit from Flower Clown to blow the children away.
>Children blissfully join a one-week FC overnight camp up in Michigan.
>A host of ongoing virtual socials programs each weekday.
>Family packages are delivered with fun activities and snacks.

Friendship Circle is bringing connection to so many special children during Covid-19.

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page. Please unite with me in this year’s My Walk 4 Friends - Connect 4 Friendship campaign to enhance the lives of exceptional children and inspire high school teenagers towards a life of giving.

Thank you for being part of this important campaign through your generous support.

Yossi & Estie



raised of $18,000 goal

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1. Sharon R Young
2. Kevin, Daryn, Cooper & Carson Adelstein
Keep up the amazing and meaningful work you do!
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For the Children!!!
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6. Cory Kwait
Thank you for letting me be a part of this event! Cory Kwait

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