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Mom! I need a ride!

The Socher Team

The Socher Team

Here’s a conversation that took place recently at our house:

Bayla: Mom, I need a ride to work next week.
Mom: Oh, ok! Where are you working?
Bayla: I’m a volunteer at Friendship Circle!

You might remember Bayla as a little girl, but now that she’s a teen going in to 8th grade, she’s earned the right to be a Friendship Circle volunteer herself!

This past year, Bayla took part in “Better Together,” which is a program designed to unite teens and seniors. The teens visited the seniors at the R.H. Meyers apartment complex weekly. They worked on arts and crafts together, celebrated holidays, and celebrated at the end of the year with a concert!

The best part of it all is that Bayla truly did get to volunteer!

Now, where do you come in? Programs like this take staff, they take logistics, they take transportation, they take supplies, and yes, for all of that, they take funding.

We, and the rest of the parents at Friendship Circle are asking our friends, our relatives, our colleagues, our clients and everyone else to pitch in and make Better Together and EVERY program that Friendship Circle offers happen again for the 2022-23 year.

And yes honey, we CAN give you a lift to work! 🚙

In appreciation,

Abe and Shoshana Socher
Bayla Socher
The Entire Socher Family


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