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It's that time of year...summer is drawing to a close, and Friendship Circle of Cleveland is hosting their annual Walk4Friends.

You might remember when Bayla was born, you might have been part of her life when she was in pre-school, you might have celebrated with us as she moved through K-1-2, and now on to 3rd grade. OR, you might have not personally met her at all!

Regardless, we ask you to contribute to this organization that really has provided so much to our family in general, and Bayla in specific.

Read up on it, ask us questions, get involved, and yes, donate!

Looking forward to many happy occasions together,

Shoshana and Abe Socher and family



raised of $6,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Eric Mack
2. Joe Socher
3. Sarah Davis
We love you Bayla!
4. Steve Kout
I realized my first donation left you just $29 short of goal. Who better to get you to GOAL than your MAPS coach???
5. Steve Kout
6. Martha J Wright
Captain of

Team Bayla's Crew