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Welcome to Team Mendele!

Mendele Friedman

Mendele Friedman

Friendship Circle has been part of our lives for many years. Our family has enjoyed Sunday Circle, Friends at Home, Sibs Connections, Holiday Celebrations, Summer & Winter Camps, Family Support and most recently being part of the Friendship Circle Band!

We are so grateful to Rabbi Yossi & Estie Marozov for going above and beyond regular programing to ensure Mendele's inner talents shine. Shout out to Rabbi Yosef Peysin, Eli Shomer and the FC team for giving Mendele a year of personal motivation to earn the Keyboard of his dreams!

When summer 2022 approached and the Gan Izzy building was under construction, The Friendship Circle opened its doors and its heart to ensure a Fun, Safe, Joyus summer was available geared to the success of each camper and staff member. Thank you FC!

Please join us in helping Friendship Circle of Cleveland take it to the next level!

Shmuli & Rivky Friedman
& Camp Gan Israel of Beachwood


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