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Welcome to Lisa Waldbaum's Page

Lisa Waldbaum

Thank you for visiting our Walk page. Please unite with our family in this year’s Block by Block campaign to enhance the lives of children with special needs, and inspire high school teenagers towards a life of giving.

When you support Friendship Circle’s My Walk 4 Friends, you will bring smiles, joy and laughter to more than 250 local children and their families, and show pride for the hundreds of local teen volunteers who are so dedicated to continuing acts of kindness. Alex has directly enjoyed the programming at Friendship Circle for many years. His life has been enriched by the friendships and support he receives.

Friendship Circle uplifts children, empowers families, inspires teen volunteers and engages the community.

Thank you for walking with our family in solidarity and for showing your generous support.

Lisa, Adam, Josh, Sam and Alex



raised of $3,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Susan Weiss
2. Marti Gerome
we are looking forward to our walk!!
3. Abby & Rob Kitay
Can't wait to walk with Alex!
4. Cindy And Jerry Aizen
5. Fred Levinson
6. Jon Kaplan
Looking forward to the walk Team Alex. Julie, Jon, Jordyn and Josh (Borat) Kaplan

Team Alex